dinsdag 17 okt 2023, 09.30 - 12.00

Principles on Integrated SDG Investments and Finance

UN Global Compact Network Netherlands and Circl invite you to join our in-person event around United Nations Global Compacts "Principles on Integrated SDG Investments and Finance".

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This event is in english

ABN AMRO Hoofdkantoor

Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, Amsterdam

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Global Compact Network Netherlands

This event will kick-start the engagement of the UN Global Compact in The Netherlands around the theme of Sustainable Finance and the CFO Principles.

To work towards the SDGs, the UN Global Compact Network has set up the Sustainable Development Principles. By tightening these principles, we can accelerate global actions and thus accelerate the sustainable transition.

During the program, the Sustainable Finance Principles (set up by the UN Global Compact Network) are set out. Several experts speak about how to incorporate SDGs into finance. Various roundtable discussions will look at how the Sustainable Finance Principles can be enriched and tightened. The insights are compiled in a report which is shared with the global network of UN Global Compact for further actions.

Why should you join this event?

  • To gain insight into the role of the SDGs in corporate valuation, sustainability and access to finance and how to decide which investments have a relevant impact on the SDGs
  • To participate in rotating World-Café style roundtable discussions, moderated by subject experts, to formulate action perspective on advancing the four UN Global Compact Sustainability Finance Principles
  • To connect with other fellow Senior Finance Professionals working on the topic of Sustainable Finance

Who is this event for?

Senior Finance Professionals (e.g. senior financial managers, senior accounts, senior controllers) with a mandate and willingness to bring about change in their respective organization.

United Nations Global Compact Sustainable Finance Principles

There is growing recognition among investors and governments that there are enormous opportunities for the Financial Sector to play a critical role in the transition to a sustainable climate-safe future.

Since launching in 2019, the UN Global Compact CFO Coalition for the SDGs has addressed this financial gap and developed the Principles on Integrated SDG Investments and Finance, published in 2020. The Principles’ goal is to harness the full potential of corporate finance to empower the sustainability transition for thousands of companies around the globe.

The Sustainable Finance Principles consist out of the following:

  1. Creating a relevant and organization-specific SDG impact thesis
  2. Creating a suitable and integrated SDG investment strategy
  3. Creating and integrating corporate SDG Finance
  4. Integrating financial reporting and communication

UN Global Compact Network

A global network of companies committed to a more sustainable economy. UN Global Compact Network gives direction to the sustainable strategies and business operations based on the SDGs for this global network. There are 12,000+ companies in more than 160 countries involved in UN Global Compact Network. ABN AMRO is also a member of this network.