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woensdag 29 sep 2021, 18.00 - 19.00

CIRCL College Tour #26: Golden business formula for Sustainability

Discover the secrets to the most successful sustainability strategies

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Back to the lecture halls with CIRCL College Tour! In this program you will learn everything about themes that are relevant for the transition to a sustainable, circular economy. Each month we invite an expert, professor or visionary to give a lecture about the scientific developments of the future.


In this episode: Melanie van de Velde, PhD

How can businesses trade successfully and tackle issues like poverty, inequality, social exclusion, pollution and climate change most effectively?

99% of business leaders believe that contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is important to the future success of their company, but the majority say they don’t know how.

During this talk Melanie van de Velde reveals five key success factors that set the most successful sustainability initiatives apart from the many that are less effective. The insights are based on her book LOVE YOUR LEGACY and seven years of research. Her research was awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by Cambridge University.

Be inspired by powerful examples from around the globe, and discover how to create and incentivize more successful impact strategies – For  better and longer-lasting results, globally and locally.


CIRCL College Tour
Terug naar de collegebanken met CIRCL College Tour! In dit programma leer je alles over thema's die relevant zijn voor de transitie naar een duurzame, circulaire economie. Iedere maand nodigen we een expert, professor of visionair uit om een hoorcollege te geven over de ontwikkelingen op het thema dat centraal staat.
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