donderdag 12 nov 2020, 00.00 - 00.00

Energy Transition Thursday #8 | CCS

Sustainable business models under the microscope

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A sustainable business model is equally important as sustainable technologies to reduce our CO2 emissions and make our energy mix greener. In Energy Transition Thursday we discuss promising sustainable techniques and dive deeper into the revenue model behind the technology. During each session, industry specialists analyze the technology and the revenue model. This episode revolves around the theme Carbon Capture and Storage or CCS in short.

Carbon Capture Storage is typically used in large factories that emit a lot of CO2s in one place. These factories are called point sources. The emissions are captured in the chimney where the CO2 is separated from other waste gases. Afterwards, it is transferred and stored deep underground at a minimum depth of 3 kilometers.

Our global energy system relies heavily on fossil fuels. Therefore, CCS is considered an intermediary solution. It is not possible to completely replace fossil fuels that produce emissions right away. On the one hand additional investments are made at this moment to keep up with the energy demand, while on the other hand we need to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement as soon as possible. However, CCS can be used as a long-term solution as well.

Would you like to know more about this topic? Listen to the podcast ‘De Expert en de leek’ (NL):

Energy Transition Thursday
De energietransitie op de snijtafel. Elke aflevering een duurzame techniek én verdienmodel ontleed.
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